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Launch of Corporate Leadership-The Vedic Way by Esteemed Author Prof. (Dr.) R P Banerjee

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A book titled "Corporate Leadership· The Vedic Way," published by Taylor & Francis Group (ISBN: 978-1-032-80167-4) and written by Prof. (Dr.) Rama Prosad Banerjee, the director and chairman of the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM) in Kolkata, was unveiled by dignitaries Adika Ratna Sekhar, Chairman and Managing Director, Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited, Ayanabh Debgupta, Co-founder & Joint MD, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Ajeya Bandyopadhyay, Asia-Lead of Advisory, IFC-World Bank, Ex-Partner, KPMG, Vinay Ranjan, Director (Personnel & IR), Coal India Limited, Prof. (Dr.) N Krishna Kumar, Dean, State Bank Institute of Leadership, S K Dutt, Head HR – GI Infotech (Macalvins Group – UK), Sr. Advisor – United Nations UNCTAD Empretec India, Sr. Advisor – IIM Mumbai, Payel Sarkar, Actress, Abir Chatterjee, Actor, Debraj S. Roy, Head HR, Lux Industries Limited, Sudhangshu Sekhar Dey, Hony. General Secretary, Publishers & Booksellers Guild, Tridib Kumar Chatterjee, President, Publishers & Booksellers Guild, and Swapan Banerjee, President, Bengal Olympic Association at the 47th International Kolkata Book Fair. The book aims to serve as a guide for corporate leaders who wish to incorporate the spiritual ideals of the Vedic period into their modern realities. Corporate Leadership― The Vedic Way, draws immensely from a proven and sustained civilization of the Vedic Period during tens of millennia ago, but having proved the functional operative and intrinsic success for a long period, offers a unique solution. A unique solution to post-modern problems, issues, and positions for corporates is created by combining twin ideas, thoughts, and practices from the Vedic period with those of the issues and possibilities worked out during the modern period. This solution is far ahead of the current dynamics of functional realities. The work is positioned to offer the entities of the modern era a singular solution and direction for deterministic success, corporate sustainability, and fostering a cohesive global society. Leadership encompasses personal accountability and corporate stewardship. Individuals lead their lives by assuming responsibility for various aspects, mirroring corporate leaders who navigate opportunities and challenges within organizations. Effective leaders foresee and act on both visible and concealed opportunities, aligning actions with the organization's ethos, exemplified by Vedic principles guiding alignment with corporate objectives. From grassroots to executive levels, leaders balance cost management with revenue flow, ensuring continuity and fostering innovation. Corporations, akin to living entities, evolve through strategic collaborations, expansions, and diversifications, engaging with governments, fiscal authorities, and diverse sectors worldwide. 'Corporate' embodies a dynamic entity, akin to a living organism, with interconnected systems and processes, collectively advancing its singular identity. Leadership, thus, transcends individual autonomy, epitomizing a symbiotic relationship between personal agency and organizational vitality.

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