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Lay's Discloses New Innovation Lay's Shapez Heartiez

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Get ready to have Lay's newest invention, Shapez Heartiez, steal your heart in addition to your beloved. One of the top potato chip companies in India, Lay's, is excited to introduce Lay's Shapez Heartiez, the company's first three-dimensional heart-shaped potato pellet, as part of its portfolio diversification. Along with this introduction, Lay's Shapez—a sub-brand committed to expanding the snacking experience—makes its debut with fun flavours, textures, and shapes. In addition to the well-known savoury comfort of Masala flavour, Lay's Shapez Heartiez are now offered in Caramel flavour, Lay's first-ever sweet flavour chip. This gives the snacking experience a sweet twist. There's a Heartiez for every heart (and taste bud) thanks to this varied lineup. Radiating excitement on the campaign's launch, Saumya Rathor, Category Lead – Potato Chips, PepsiCo India, stated that Lay's Shapez Heartiez is a delectable representation of their unwavering commitment to bringing flavour, creativity, and fun to snacking. Every component, from the unusual heart-shaped pellets themselves to the eye-catching and colourful packaging, entices customers to go on a delightful adventure. This launch is a demonstration of their dedication to ongoing innovation and portfolio expansion, not just the introduction of a new product. By adding new and innovative ideas to their lineup, such as Shapez Heartiez, they make sure that Lay's is always at the forefront of reinventing the snacking experience for their loyal customers. In response to the growing demand in the rapidly growing market for fun and crunchy snacks that go beyond traditional offerings in the rapidly growing potato-based pellet chip business, Lay's Shapez Heartiez were introduced. This logical innovation epitomises Lay's, a company renowned for its commitment to quality and pursuit of the ideal crunch. Lay's reaffirms its status as a brand synonymous with love with Shapez Heartiez, offering customers exciting new experiences regularly.

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