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Model Hemshree From Kolkata Cut a Diamond Cake for His Birthday

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Hemoshree Bhadra, a model from Kolkata who won the Miss Calcutta 2016 title, turned 24 recently. She cut a diamond cake to celebrate turning twenty-four. Actress and model Urvashi Rautela recently cut a 24-carat gold cake that Honey Singh had given her for her birthday. Hemoshree, a model from Kolkata, then shared her birthday with everyone while cutting a cake covered in diamonds. On her birthday, she gave friends, family, and online fans a piece of cake covered in diamonds in Kolkata. She declared that she always wanted to try something new. That's the concept. Bollywood inspired her to do good deeds in a variety of ways.

There's always more spicy information to come. She therefore reasoned that Kolkata shouldn't fall behind. On the table was a two-tiered cake. On the side, there were three gold bars. Derived from the Mexican term "piñata," which refers to a cake or sweet palm filled with a solid sweet substance. In Mexico, using a hammer to celebrate the festival is customary. To prevent the diamonds from blending with the cream, a silver-coloured cream cake is topped with a "piñata" covered in diamonds. Social media users are already sharing the image a lot. In addition to her 8 lakh Instagram followers, online community members have showered her with well wishes. On his birthday, a video of her slicing a cake went viral on the internet. Hemoshree's friend Dr Swarnendu remarked that it feels great to be here on her birthday. Although she doesn't have a billionaire status, her brilliant mind and tender heart allow her to spend the day in a novel and exciting way.

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