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Neurosurgeon Dr Amitabha Chanda Unveils Neurosurgeoner Diary: An Enthralling Anthology of Unusual Medical Tales

News Desk, News Nation 360 : "Neurosurgeoner Diary," authored by Dr Amitabha Chanda, a pioneer in "Awake Brain Surgery" in Eastern India and Bangladesh, was introduced by Deep Prakashan. Prominent guests Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, author; Dr Sukumar Mukherjee, renowned doctor and professor; and actor Chiranjeet Chakrabarti launched the book. In a society where the words "spine surgery" and "brain tumour" frequently arouse fear and uncertainty, Dr Chanda's book aims to shed light on the astounding advancements in neurosurgical techniques. The story illustrates how scientific discoveries have led to the treatment of previously incurable neurosurgical conditions. The goal of Dr Amitabha Chanda's Neurosurgeoner Diary is to give hope to the families of patients undergoing neurosurgical challenges, rather than just compiling a list of medical anecdotes. The book attempts to close the knowledge gap between medical science and the general public by correcting common misconceptions and providing authentic, inspiring stories. Dr Amitabha Chanda, Neurosurgeon stated that the Neurosurgeoner Diary is not a memoir. In this book, he has attempted to capture some of the special moments he has had throughout his work as a neurosurgeon. There were many obstacles in his way when he had decided to become a neurosurgeon, but presently when he sees that patients travel from Mumbai and South India to Kolkata for his care, he believes he must have done something right. Many people have false beliefs about neurosurgery, such as the idea that the patient's chances of returning to normalcy are lost once they are placed on ventilation, but this is completely untrue. He hopes to provide his readers with answers to all of their questions about neurosurgery through this book. He believes that many people's courage and morale will be raised by these stories. Neurosurgeoner Diary, published by Deep Prakashan and priced at Rs 250/-, will be available at the forthcoming International Kolkata Book Fair and across retail bookshops and online platforms.

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