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Oriflame Prioritises India and Plans to Empower One Million Micro-enterprises by the Year 2029

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The well-known Swedish beauty brand Oriflame sees India as a vital market and intends to make a big impact there. To promote entrepreneurship and support the Indian government's objectives of job creation and self-sufficiency, the company plans to hire one million independent salespeople over the next five years. Oriflame encourages financial independence and flexible work schedules so that people—especially women—can start their businesses. The company has established domestic research and development facilities to produce high-quality beauty products tailored to the needs of Indian consumers as part of its commitment to "Make in India" initiatives. Edyta Kurek, Senior Vice President and Head of India and Indonesia, Oriflame, stated that India is a significant market for Oriflame, and they are incredibly appreciative of the love and faith that their Indian customers have shown them. The majority of Oriflame products sold in India are made locally, in their own factories, which helps the economy of the country grow while also generating employment opportunities. Their goal of turning one million brand partners into microentrepreneurs over the next five years shows that they are committed to this thriving market and that they are here to stay. They are eager to carry on this adventure with their Indian community, encouraging micro-business and advancing India's goal of independence.

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