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Sabri Helpage Honoured Padma Shri Chutni Mahato and Other Social Change Makers with the Socio Fare Award 2024

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The much-anticipated 2nd edition of the Socio Fare Award 2024, organised by SABRI HELPAGE by Aarti BR Singh, once again brought the city of Kolkata to a magnificent celebration of social service and philanthropy. The event, which was organised under the auspices of the premier social welfare organisation SABRI HELPAGE, was designed to honour and recognise people and organisations whose unwavering efforts have made a substantial contribution to the advancement of society. The 2023 event last year set a high bar for excellence by presenting the esteemed Socio Fare Award to several exceptional organisations and individuals. The Socio Fare Award for this year carried on the custom of recognising and honouring the outstanding achievements of people and institutions in a range of social service fields. The occasion provided a forum for encouraging

others to work together in the admirable goal of building a society that is more just and caring. One of the main attractions was Padma Shri Chutni Mahato from Jharkhand, well-known for her work against witchcraft and superstitions. She was accompanied in receiving recognition for her outstanding contributions to society this year from groups like Tiljala SHED, Projexel Foundation, Creation Welfare Society, Equidiversity Foundation, Kolkata Animal Indian Welfare, and AIM Foundation, as well as individuals like Rajkumari Basu and Rituparna Biswas. Reflecting on the essence of the Socio Fare Award, Aarti BR Singh, the esteemed Founder of SABRI HELPAGE, stated that "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina," which captures the essence of happiness for all. She underlined how crucial it is to honour and recognise the organisations and people who put forth great effort to promote change and uplift society's less fortunate members. She also added that remembering the heroic deeds of these real-life heroes—who serve as agents of positive social change—is both an honour and a responsibility.

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