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Techno Exponent held a Grand Kolkata Event to Honour its Thirteenth Anniversary

Updated: Apr 19

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The premier IT company in India, Techno Exponent, recently held a lavish celebration at the Novotel in Kolkata to mark its 13th anniversary. A prestigious and well-respected collection of business executives and IT specialists from all over the world came together for the event. Techno Exponent has established itself as a digital powerhouse since its founding and has won numerous awards for its expansion and dedication to excellence and quality. Techno Exponent's leadership group was well-represented. Vice President Jyoendrisa Tagore Saha, CEO and Founder Sabyasachi Saha, Co-Founder and Director Avoy Debnath, and two international guests, Global CTO Michael Collins and CTO of West Africa Joseph Appleton, were all welcomed to the event. These leaders engaged with the distinguished guests and celebrated with other distinguished members of the organisation. Awards such as "Leading Customer-centric IT Company" by the Times Group and "Fastest Growing Brand 2021-22" by Asia One have recognised their excellence. They have also received honours from the Times Group, including "Times Leading IT Company 2022" and "Leading App Development Company 2023".

Industry heavyweights like Red Bull, Amazon, Disney, and even NASA engineers are among their illustrious clientele, which attests to their remarkable output. The business is not going to stop there. By leading the way in Web 3.0, Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning, they are actively influencing the future and winning praise from all around the world for their progressive philosophy. The celebration of Techno Exponent's 13th anniversary was a huge success. The day started with a hearty welcome for those who were invited, and then the founders gave motivational speeches about the company's exciting plans. They observed an eye-catching exhibition of employee-talented programmes. Even so, the day's high point was when well-deserved awards were given out to recognise exceptional employee accomplishments by Michael Collins, the global CTO; Joseph Appleton, the CTO for West Africa; Jyoendrisa Tagore Saha, the vice president; Sabyasachi Saha, the founder and CEO; and Avoy Debnath, the director and co-founder.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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