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The All India Ophthalmological Society has Elected Dr Samar Basak of Disha Eye Hospitals as its 82nd President

News Desk, News Nation 360 : During their 82nd Annual Conference, the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) elected Dr. Samar Kumar Basak, a founding member of Disha Eye Hospitals, as President for the year 2024–2025. The most well-known accomplishment of renowned ophthalmologist and academic Dr Samar Kumar Basak is his groundbreaking work in the subspecialty of corneal surgery. Over the years, Dr Basak has received numerous awards in India and overseas in appreciation of his work and knowledge. Dr Samar Kumar Basak, President of All India Ophthalmological Society & Founder Member of Disha Eye Hospitals stated that he considered it an honour to hold a position of such repute. One of the first organisations devoted to

transforming the eye care sector is AIOS. They will be launching a few crucial projects this year that will advance ophthalmology and advance the country. A few of these excellent actions include the participation of foreign delegates and the establishment of the "Indian Senior Ophthalmologists Forum" and "Senior Ophthalmologists Committee." In addition to all of this, they want to minimise the opportunities gaps for young people and foster an atmosphere of equality, diversity, and inclusion. They all benefit from digitalization since it makes it easier for them to stay connected to the global innovations taking place. AIOS will concentrate more on educating and raising awareness of blindness and its simple prevention among the public through digital means.

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