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The Annual SAI Happiness Camp is Hosted by the SAI International Education Group for the Younger Students at SAI Angan

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Renowned for its all-encompassing approach to education, SAI International Education Group is putting on the yearly 'SAI Happiness Camp' for the young learners of SAI Angan, which is among the biggest play schools in India. Inspired by the vision of Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, this initiative seeks to prepare kids to make positive contributions to society by instilling vital life skills through enjoyable activities. Students in Nursery through KGII are the target audience for this camp, which runs from January 22 to January 27, 2024. On January 22, 2024, the camp officially opened with much fanfare as children ranging from Nursery through KG-II enthusiastically engaged in a variety of captivating activities. A day full of excitement began with morning energizers, which were followed by events like arts and crafts, hands-on crunchy creations, an extravaganza of water sports and thrills, puppet shows and fables, and a surprise flash mob. The SAI Happiness Camp's main goals are to help kids develop their social skills, emotional health, and personal development through interesting and enjoyable activities. The

camp's all-encompassing strategy incorporates physical activities, inclusive games, mindfulness training, and team-building exercises to promote good moods and the development of critical life skills. Parent Connect sessions strengthened the sense of community and joy shared by parents by allowing them to actively participate in the camp's enjoyable activities. The magnificent Skyward Dreams activity marked the end of the day. Lanterns representing the hopes and joys of the young participants were released, signifying their collective dreams and aspirations. Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, while discussing the importance of the happiness camp, shared that Dr Bijaya Sahoo has always held the view that a child's emotional development, academic performance, and social skills are all positively impacted by happiness. Children who are happy tend to be more resilient, physically healthier, and form positive self-images. In keeping with Dr Bijaya Sahoo's vision, SAI hosts this camp each year to encourage social skills development in a nurturing atmosphere and to promote emotional well-being through positive activities.

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