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The Child in Need Institute Commemorated 50 Years of Serving Indian Communities and Children

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of India's top non-governmental organisations, Child in Need Institute (CINI), celebrated its 50 years of "Commitment to the Children and Communities" on Thursday at Science City in Kolkata. In order to promote child involvement and preserve the idea of "Child Friendly Communities," four teenage boys and girls from four Indian states served as the program's "Chief Guests." The theme of the day was "Nothing can wait for the children; people have to start from today itself for the betterment of the children." The opening song, "Kal Noi Aaj E" (Tomorrow is too late), set the tone for the event. The children, dressed in the traditional garb of four states, lit the lamp in front of CINI CEO Indrani Bhattacharya, members of the governing body, dignitaries from both domestic and foreign countries, government officials and senior CINI

management. In addition to releasing a book titled "Tomorrow is too late" to commemorate the organization's 50 years of hard work and journey, CINI also celebrated the remarkable journey of 50 years of working together with communities, government agencies, service providers, and other stakeholders to help transform child rights into development practices. The CEO of CINI, Indrani Bhattacharya, gave an overview of the organization's fifty-year history with the public and state and federal governments of various states. She also described how CINI, which began as a weekly clinic in a school classroom, has grown to annually serve one crore people from six Indian states. The Hon'ble President of India has twice given CINI, the only NGO in the nation, the prestigious Award for its work in the national health category. 




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