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The Newly Opened Aranya at Bhawanipore Kicked off the Festive Season

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Aranya, the cherished brand known for handcrafted elegance and conscious living, celebrates its 25th anniversary by launching its second chapter in a lovely heritage mansion at 41 Harish Mukherjee Road. The announcement comes as winter paints Kolkata with a cool embrace. operated by Chandani Basu and open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The recently created area is an immersive experience rather than just a store. This Aranya outlet is transformed into an inspiration haven by the combination of products from a dedicated design team, antiques, and curios gathered over the years, and items found in dusty stores and dark alleys. While the majority of the items are for sale, some have been carefully chosen for their visual appeal, inspiring guests to create tranquil spaces in their own homes. Flowing dresses in contemporary, vivid silhouettes dance with Bengal's pride: Jamdani, handloom, and Aranya's unique block prints. The brand's exquisitely beautiful hand-painted ceramics shimmer on walls, each piece whispering a tale in its calming beige and brown colour scheme. In response to shifting fashions, Aranya presents "dinner for two" sets, pretty dinnerware perfect for intimate evenings spent with a significant other. Chandoni Basu, the visionary owner of Aranya, shares her perspective on the new outlet, stated that it isn't that hard to create the same happy, festive Christmas atmosphere in the homes without encouraging careless consumption. With its Christmas-themed decor, the Aranya Concept Store in Sati Sadan has been ethical, sustainable, and ecologically friendly. The group got together to create stars and flowers out of newsprint, handmade paper, and jute sticks that they got from the neighbourhood vendor or their homes.

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