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The Students Health Home is Initiating a Conversation about Suicide Prevention

News Desk, News Nation 360 : People must engage with the students and keep an open mind. Help of all kinds ought to be given to individuals who are anxious or depressed. It is important to stop suicidal thoughts, especially in young people and even the elderly. Medical psychologists provided various explanations and information on Friday at a training camp hosted by the Students' Health Home regarding how it is possible and what needs to be done. They claim that in India, a student chooses suicide every forty minutes. Therefore, people must work to prevent a lack of understanding somewhere. Dr Utpal Banerjee expressed concern about the healthcare system's dependence on insurance, questioning whether the government or society will take responsibility for the treatment of common people. He highlighted the financial burden on the poor who have to take loans for therapy due to insufficient government health budget allocation. Students Health Home, an organization working to reduce medical expenses for the poor, was mentioned for its social awareness efforts and remarkable service despite a lack of funding. Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay then shifted the focus to the issue of student suicide during a discussion on Students Health Home's "suicide prevention gatekeeper training" program. He pointed out the increasing helplessness, pressure, and communication gap between students, parents, and teachers, attributing these factors to the rise in student suicides. Dr Bandyopadhyay emphasized the need to address the root causes of student distress, like loneliness and criticism, instead of just focusing on preventing the means of suicide. He concluded by urging people to break the myths and lies that hinder student growth and offer a helping hand to prevent student suicides. 'Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training' was the name of the programme that Students Health Home organised at Moulali Youth Centre on this particular day. Biman Bose, the leader of the Democratic Movement, was there. Additionally in attendance were Dr Pabitra Goswami, General Secretary of Students Health Home; Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Professor of Psychiatry; Dr Utpal Bandyopadhyay; Dr Gautam Das; Dr Surupa Dasgupta; and a host of medical professionals, educators, psychologists, social workers, students, and parents. The social awareness play "Chander Phand," by Dr Pabitra Goswami, was performed to kick off the main discussion.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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