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The Tallest Sky Garden by Eden Realty Group at Solaris Shalimar in Howrah is Receiving Unprecedented Interest

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Sales of Solaris Shalimar's new towers have reached previously unheard-of levels. The tallest Sky Garden in Howrah, with views of the Botanical Garden and the Ganges, will be situated atop the new eighteen-story towers. Eden Realty has completed this project, bringing the total area under construction to over 48 lakh square feet. Their total construction area has crossed the one trillion square foot mark, with over 53 lakh square feet of habitable space already delivered. Eden Realty Group’s MD Arya Sumant stated that Since he was born in Howrah, he has a sentimental attachment to this project, and he is proud that they were able to create a reasonably priced building with top-notch amenities and excellent connectivity for the MIG segment. There are presently 648 apartments available, and the E-Lottery will be used to assign them. Almost two thousand people have visited the website in the first twelve days, indicating incredibly high sales figures. In addition to sales at the site office, they have completed over 2500 online form sales from customers who were unable to visit the site at all via their online portal Surehomz. Applications are being accepted through February 12th.



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