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A Novel Programme is Launched by Nephro Care India to Motivate Individuals With Chronic Kidney Disease to Prioritise Their Kidneys' Health and Well-being

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Leading provider of all-inclusive renal care, Nephro Care India, has launched a novel programme called "Ananda Adda" to give patients with chronic kidney disease a place to gather, discuss important issues related to nutrition and kidney health, and receive expert advice. More than eighteen to twenty patients attended the event, sharing their concerns about different aspects of kidney health, dos and don'ts, and what needs to be done in terms of nutrition, among other things. With the utmost care, the senior health specialists in attendance addressed each of those concerns, providing them with crucial insights into managing their disease. The first-of-its-kind programme was recently introduced at the company's Chandannagar, West Bengal, clinic and was available to all CKD patients. The company intends to carry out this activity in phases at all of its clinics, which are dispersed throughout West Bengal, regularly. Emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about kidney health and supporting patients in their journey towards better health, Dr Pratim Sengupta, Founder & MD, Nephro Care India said that this interesting program's objective is to arm patients with knowledge and motivate them to lead better lives. Nephro Care India arranged several entertaining events for dialysis patients in addition to informative talks to make their stay more pleasurable and memorable and to encourage them to attend such events regularly. The company's dedication to ensuring patients' emotional and psychological well-being in addition to their physical well-being is reflected in this all-encompassing approach. Nephro Care hopes to establish this positive event as a regular event at all of its locations across the country that are devoted to enhancing the quality of life for patients with kidney disease.

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