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Bengal's Gangasagar and Allahabad's Maha Kumbh are All Set to Enthral Kolkata's Art Enthusiasts

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Although many people are aware of the magnificence of fairs such as Kumbh and Gangasagar, not much is known about the complex processes and activities that take place within the festival grounds and behind the scenes. In light of this, "The Immersion of Self- 900 kms of Faith" is a unique exhibition that highlights the magnificence and importance of two of India's most revered religious events, the Gangasagar in Bengal and the Maha Kumbh in Allahabad. Nusrat Jahan, an actress and member of parliament, Paoli Dam, Rituparna Sengupta, Gargi Roychowdhury, Alexandra Taylor, Sayantani Guhathakurta, Pabitra Das, photographic curators Kounteya Sinha and Oiendrila Ray Kapur, Satyam Roychowdhury, the founder and

managing director of the Techno India Group and the chancellor of Sister Nivedita University, Ushoshi Sengupta Model, and others were in attendance at the exhibition. Millions of pilgrims from all over the world assemble at Maha Kumbh, one of the biggest religious gatherings on earth, to bathe in the holy confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers. Photographs, relics, and interactive displays that convey the religious fervour and cultural significance of this historic occasion will be on display at the exhibition. Every year, West Bengal hosts the Gangasagar Mela, which draws pilgrims who gather at Sagar Island to bathe at the meeting point of the Ganges River and the Bay of Bengal. This exhibition will give visitors a glimpse into the heart of this extraordinary pilgrimage by showcasing the colourful rituals, traditions, and distinctive cultural

tapestry woven around the Gangasagar Mela. About 39 iconic photos taken by Pavitra Das over the past two to three decades are featured in The Immersion of Self - 900 Kilometres of Faith, which is open to the public until February 2 and offers visitors an immersive experience to comprehend the cultural and spiritual essence of these auspicious festivals. Present on the occasion, Pabitra Das, Photographer of the exhibition, stated that he has always been captivated by the drama that takes place before the actual immersion in the holy waters. The ocean of human faith is not only overwhelming but also teeming with an unmatched range of emotions.

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