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Cake Mixing Season Began at Serra Cafe for a Festive Flavour Extravaganza

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The delightful rooftop greenhouse sanctuary Serra Cafe, perched atop Paulis Business Tower, cordially invites you to partake in an amazing event: the inaugural cake-mixing ceremony. Beyond the ordinary, this joyful event is scheduled to take place in the vibrant Sector 5 of Kolkata, bringing together celebrities and energetic kids in a symphony of love and shared joy. The Cake Mixing Ceremony is more than just a fun event; it's a sincere call to action for the kids of Tiljala Shed, allowing them to bring their special touch to this magical occasion. Attendees can anticipate a moving and heartfelt experience that goes beyond the typical, weaving a tapestry of laughter, music, and a delectable lunch alongside our luminaries.

Prominent figures from various fields are coming together for this endearing festivity: legendary actress Anindya Chatterjee, chef Shaun Kenworthy, and film icon Koneenica Banerjee. Their combined presence is expected to bring an unmeasurable level of excitement and warmth to the occasion. This first event celebrates resilience, hope, and the unwavering spirit of the amazing children from Tiljala Shed, as Serra Cafe continues to redefine dining by fusing culinary excellence with a green oasis. Get ready for an afternoon in the heart of Kolkata where glitz and glamour collide with true joy to create magical moments and lifelong memories. Serra Cafe's Curator Kamalini Paul expressed that they think that coming together as a community and sharing during the holidays can have a profoundly positive impact. Their goal with the Cake Mixing Ceremony is to bring joy to these exceptional kids and make lasting, touching memories at Serra Cafe.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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