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EzeRx Honoured Women's Day in Kolkata by Partnering with EzeCheck to Provide Free Anaemia Screenings

News Desk, News Nation 360 : In honour of Women's Day 2024, EzeRx, a trailblazing healthcare organisation, offered a free anaemia screening in recognition of the important role that women play in society and to provide them with vital health information. A healthy attendance of more than 300 women, including schoolgirls, attended the event, which was held at Dum Dum Ananda Ashrama Sarada Vidyapeeth in Kolkata. With the use of EzeCheck, a non-invasive, portable device from EzeRx that can detect anaemia instantaneously without the need for needle pricks or blood draws, the women received rapid and accurate assessments. The event addressed a significant health issue that is common in our society by promoting awareness and early detection of anaemia among women. There's a gender gap in healthcare according to NFHS data, with women being more susceptible to illnesses but receiving fewer prenatal exams. To bridge this gap, EzeRx, a MedTech company focused on preventive healthcare, held a Women's Day event to promote healthy lifestyles for women. Their goal was to educate and empower women to take charge of their health, hoping to instil this value in younger generations as well. Women from a

variety of backgrounds, including NGO workers and healthcare professionals, were present at the event. In addition to thorough anaemia assessments, the occasion included a lively panel discussion led by thought leaders and professionals in the field on tactics for empowering women in the workplace. Creating an inclusive workplace, removing obstacles to career advancement, and the value of mentoring for women's professional development were among the subjects covered by the panel. Chaitali Roy, Co-Founder, and COO of EzeRx stated that women are typically so overburdened with obligations that they frequently overlook the significance of their health. Therefore, we decided to deviate from the norm and plan this event to inspire women to live healthy lives and emphasise the value of preventive healthcare. Through programmes like the free anaemia screening, we hope to educate women about critical health issues and give them the resources they need to live longer healthier lives. We think that women's empowerment is crucial for the advancement of society overall as well as for each person's well-being.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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