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Launch of The Sacred Knot by Noted Spiritual Seeker and Monk from IIT Nitai Das

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Nitai Das, an IIT topper and well-known lifestyle engineer, announced the publication of his most recent book, "The Sacred Knot," at a glamorous event held in the Biswa Bangla Complex. The book presents a new outlook on marriage by exploring the many nuances of the ultimate "sacred knot" with daring. It is based on five fundamental principles for coexisting peacefully. Questions like "Do compatible individuals never fight?" and "Marriage is often referred to as a knot between two hearts; a knot made with the threads of appreciation and acceptance" are asked in a way that sets the tone beautifully. Why Romance fades after a few years of marriage?" are encountered at pivotal points in the book when it addresses the three basic needs of human existence and how each person has particular needs that are specific to them. They should be made easier by marriage, so compatibility is necessary. Spirituality is the best way to keep sacrifice and adaptations from becoming burdensome. To put it simply, this can be accomplished by providing services to God by being His representative and setting a good example, to society through social activism, and children through sacred parenting. The book shines in its straightforward handling of a very delicate and relevant subject, all the more so in these days of intense competition, swollen egos, and misinterpreted independence. The trip begins by highlighting the value of a family's protection and the innate security that comes with marriage between people of different sexes. Towards the end, it highlights the significance of spirituality in giving life meaning and fulfilment.

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