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Little Bright Stars Pre-School is Offering Tiny Tots an Exciting Summer Camp

News Desk, News Nation 360 : An exciting one-day summer camp was held by Little Bright Stars Pre-School to give its young students a lively way to beat the heat and participate in a variety of creative activities. The purpose of the school-hosted event was to foster in the young attendees a love of learning, physical exercise, and creativity. The summer camp provided a variety of programmes designed just for the younger students, guaranteeing a day full of enjoyment, education, and laughter. The children were immersed in a world of artistic expression, from learning about the subtleties of Lippan art to letting their imaginations run wild through canvas painting and doodling. The little ones' opportunity to express their creativity and preserve their memories by creating personalised scrapbooks was one of the day's highlights. The camp also gave the kids a chance to learn the grace of calligraphy, which helped them hone their fine motor skills and express themselves through exquisite lettering. Children grooved to catchy tunes during rhythmic dance sessions, showcasing their enthusiasm and agility while also heightening the lively atmosphere. The "Happy Feet" segment brought even more joy as the young ones performed lively footwork and made everyone smile. In addition, the summer camp provided practical pottery instruction, enabling the kids to develop their tactile senses and produce one-of-a-kind clay creations under the direction of knowledgeable teachers. On this occasion, Aakanksha Kaur, Principal & Founder, Little Bright Stars Pre-school, JIS Group Educational Initiatives, stated that it's truly heartwarming to see little stars shine bright as they explore their talents and unleash their creativity. They aimed to provide a memorable and enriching experience for their tiny tots, and she is thrilled to say that they have succeeded in doing so.

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