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mjunction Signed up with ONDC Network

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has welcomed mjvaluemart, mjunction's online marketplace for the sale of unsold surplus maintenance and repair spares. This integration will allow mjvaluemart to reach a much wider audience and grow its customer base by making its seller aggregator business catalogue discoverable by numerous buyer aggregator companies on the Open Network. Vinaya Varma, MD & CEO of mjunction stated that with mjunction's entry into the Open Network, they anticipate increased accessibility and reach. In addition to improving the way they serve their current clientele, being on the Network will open up new markets for them, raise awareness of their products, and open the door for their next stage of expansion, which will capitalise on operational efficacy and efficiency. mjvaluemart has effectively established its presence in its target markets since their launch in 2021. Now, though, they integrate with the ONDC Network, it will undoubtedly be an essential support. Customers can easily and quickly register for free at mjvaluemart. It makes it possible to view items that are reasonably priced and accessible across the nation. Along with placing orders and having them delivered right to their door, buyers can also haggle with sellers online. For most large manufacturing companies, having an excess inventory of unused MRO spares is a problem. mjvaluemart connects sellers with the right kind of buyers, like MSMEs and traders across the nation, to address this long-standing issue in the industry and improve efficiency and price realisation. To assist buyers and sellers in seamless transactions, mjvaluemart has also developed an ecosystem of value-added services, such as inspection and logistics.



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