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Offerings for New Year Eve at Astor Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Celebrate the start of a new year with an incredible dining experience at Astor Kolkata. On 31st December 2023, from 8 PM onwards, the New Year Eve's menu which includes unique Deshi Chakhna like Peanut & Sprout Bowl. Appetizers like Murgh Dhaniya Tikka, Fish, Grilled Fish & Orange Chili Sauce, Burnt Ginger Rice, Hakka Noodles, and Fries. Deck 88 New Year's Eve has kebabs, snacks, grand spreads, lavish desserts, Grilled Salmon, Murshidabadi Chicken, Kolkata's Chinese and more to offer. Intimate Room Dining at Kebab-e-que has delectable appetizers, Stir-Fried Vegetables, Hakka Noodles along with grilled Salmon, Kolkata Biryani, assorted bread with decadent desserts like Dark Chocolate Truffles & Gurer Rosogolla to offer Kids' Buffet has Mini Nuggets, Fish Fingers, Mac & Cheese, Fun Noodles, Parle Poppins, Chocolate Lollypops and Oreo Cookies. at P-165E/EA, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Tangra, Kolkata. Stags can enter for INR 2499 and couples can enter for INR 3499 inclusive of unlimited food and drinks if one can act quickly enough to reserve their passes by December 27, 2023.



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