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Popular Tollywood Actress Basabdatta Chatterjee is Introduced as The New Anchor of The Award-Winning Cooking Show Radhuni

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Popular General Entertainment Channel (GEC) Aakash Aath has named Tollywood actor Basabdatta Chatterjee as the new host of their award-winning, long-running, and well-known cooking show, "Radhuni." Additionally, RJ Debi Saha and RJ Shree Basu will be joining as the new hosts of this esteemed matinee show. Since its 2008 premiere, "Radhuni" has been a success, airing over 5,000 episodes on television. The Woman Times Magazine has awarded this matinee television show, which is directed by Pompi Mukherjee, the title of the longest-running culinary show for the year 2021. This specific cooking programme has a unique idea and presents the viewers with a visually appealing display of only domestic food options. On March 25, 2024, at 1:30 pm, Basbdatta is seen hosting the Holi Special episode of "Radhuni." This fifteen-year-old television programme offers equal opportunities to foodies who care just as much about showcasing their culinary prowess on the big screen. The show aims to educate viewers about the variety of delicacies that can be explored and cherished while bringing unique yet straightforward home-based recipes that can easily lift a food connoisseur's mood. Until now, several well-known figures from the entertainment industry have appeared on this programme in the roles of host and special guest. Priyanka Surana Bardia, Director, Aakash Aath stated that Aakash Aath consistently promises to provide its audience with original and enjoyable content. They are overjoyed to collaborate with RJ Debi Saha, RJ Shree Basu, and Basabdatta Chatterjee as the new Anchors of "Radhuni." They have high hopes that their new hosts will be able to establish the strongest possible connection with their audience and that viewers will continue to enjoy delicious television.

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