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Vatika Naturals' #RootForMe Campaign Encouraged Inclusivity in the Workplace

News Desk, News Nation 360 : After spearheading an empowering initiative this International Women's Day with the launch of their IWD2024 campaign, #RooTForMe, in the USA and UK, Vatika Naturals, the flagship brand of House of Dabur, is now raising awareness of the same in India. This year, Vatika Naturals set out on a mission to transform from a generic hair care brand for South Asian women to the preferred brand among multi-ethnic audiences in the UK and the USA, with a notable following among Indian women. The #RooTForMe digital campaign, launched in conjunction with IWD2024, addresses intersectionality in the workplace, which impacts women of colour and is exacerbated by factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, and other issues. For many women, this can be a significant barrier to career advancement and increase their vulnerability to workplace harassment and stereotyping. This International Women's Day, Vatika redefined women's empowerment by partnering with top stand-up comedians like Shazia Mirza and Sikisa to facilitate a humorous conversation about workplace discrimination and stereotypes. Roshni Singh, Group Marketing Manager UK EU & Americas stated that Vatika Naturals is a brand that promotes diversity, individuality, and uniqueness—especially among women—rather than just hair care products. Through the #RooTForMe campaign, Vatika hopes to bolster its commitment to diversity and inclusivity even more. #RootForMe is a call to action for people to unite and tear down obstacles standing in the way of women's equality, particularly for women of colour. Vatika is constantly questioning the status quo and prejudices that impede personal development. 


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