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Amar Prakash has been Appointed as the National Head of Marketing and Strategy at Captain Steel India Limited

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Captain Steel India Limited, the creative steel producer in India, has announced that Amar Prakash has been appointed to the position of National Head of Marketing and Strategy (SLM). Prakash's new venture with Captain Steel India Limited aims to increase the brand equity of Captain Steel by bringing the TMT category closer to customers and making it more involved. His main goals will be to quickly scale up Captain Steel India Limited to achieve its national aspiration and to create an engaging 360-degree sales and marketing ecosystem by leveraging consumer and trade insights. Abinash Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer, Captain Steel India Limited, stated that Amar Prakash's multifaceted experience will play a key role in propelling Captain Steel to a prominent national position, in line with their mission to develop cutting-edge products and capture markets through a laser-like focus on the needs of the customer. Captain Steel India Limited is certain that they will maintain their aggressive growth trajectory, product leadership, and innovations thanks to Amar Prakash's dynamism.

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