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Eden Realty Group Celebrated Rath Yatra at Solaris Shalimar

News Desk, News Nation 360 : At their Solaris Shalimar project, the renowned real estate developer Eden Realty Group organised a magnificent Rath Yatra. With over a thousand patrons taking part in the festivities, the Rath Yatra attracted an impressive number of attendees, cementing its place on Kolkata's festive calendar. The premier project by Eden Realty Group, Solaris Shalimar, which faces the Ganga, offered the perfect backdrop for the Rath Yatra festivities. The project's well-thought-out facilities, abundant greenery, and contemporary conveniences made it the ideal location, elevating the experience for all those in attendance. At Solaris Shalimar, people enthusiastically and devotedly celebrated the Rath Yatra, a highly esteemed cultural and spiritual occasion. The festivities featured a lavishly decorated 12-foot chariot, traditional music, a dance performance, and a range of captivating cultural events for the audience. Arya Sumant, Managing Director - Eden Realty Group stated that the Rath Yatra is a symbol of devotion and unity. They are pleased with the community's and their customers' enthusiastic response. Their objective is to build thriving communities where people can congregate and celebrate their cultural heritage, not just houses.

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