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SafeDrive with inDrive Campaign Launched in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Maruti Suzuki Driving School (Machino) and inDrive, a super mobility app based in California, have teamed up to host a safety education event in Kolkata. Through the SafeDrive with inDrive campaign, drivers will learn how to make sure their passengers are comfortable and safe. It also addresses issues like the ban on discrimination, how to make travellers more comfortable, and how to make the most of all the safety features in case you need help while travelling (like the Shield icon, which lets you call emergency services). To ensure that every decision users make with inDrive is safe and secure, this is in addition to inDrive's continuing educational programme for drivers, which strengthens their safety training and covers both road safety and the safety of women. According to Pratip Mazumder, inDrive's country manager for India, among other things, inDrives' safety training is a 360-degree programme that gives drivers timely communication tools and strategies to prevent cases of harassment or violence. Women feel uneasy in cabs when the driver plays loud music, is dishevelled, or travels at a fast speed, according to data from our platform. They also feel uneasy when the driver compliments them or glances at them in the rearview mirror. To guarantee that all of their passengers feel secure and at ease, their SafeDrive with inDrive campaign also addresses these concerns with their driver partners. inDrive prioritizes user safety with its SafeDrive campaign and various technological features. inDrive verifies all drivers through document and photo checks. Both drivers and passengers have the option to be selective about who they ride with, based on profiles, routes, and pricing. For added safety during a trip, inDrive offers a Shield button that provides safety tips and allows users to quickly contact emergency services like police or ambulance. Various technologies are available in inDrive, ranging from direct support to trip sharing in progress. The security suite has evolved to meet the specific needs of its users. For this reason, this security suite is unique to India, a significant market for the business.

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