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Sales Emporium is Celebrating its 60th Anniversary with Attractive Sales Offers

News Desk, News Nation 360 : On December 17, 2023, the Sales Emporium celebrated 60 years of excellence. The festivities got underway across Kolkata and will remain available at its 12 showrooms in Kolkata up to January 16, 2024. The buyers have responded well to this alluring one-month sale offer. Sales Emporium's Niranjan Sharma and Pranab Chowdhury reported at the end of the year that they had learned that, in honour of their 60th anniversary, which is being celebrated for a whole month, they are inviting their longtime clients to visit their closest showroom and have planned a fun time for them. In addition to purchasing new products, they also maintain the inventory of previously sold items. Additionally, they have made arrangements to take home any product with a down payment of just Rs 60 only in the event of new purchases. EMIs and Cash payments are also offered. They are anticipating more sales in the coming days, or in the new year, as they have been able to meet the anticipated sales in the Sales Emporium Ultadanga showroom. They added that it's because customer demand is rising. Regarding this surge in sales, they stated that they are attempting to offer customers cost-to-cost products. Their showroom products are therefore inexpensive when purchasing from the market and online. In addition to attractive gifts and the option to take the product home with EMI and a small down payment of Rs. 60. They've also added that no company has been able to match the offerings made in honour of Sales Emporium's 60th anniversary in terms of both goods and prices. As a result, excitement is present in every Sales Emporium location today as they await exceptional sales.

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