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The 2024 O Nodi Re: River Festival will Unite Art, Culture, and Heritage to Create a Cohesive Urban Experience

News Desk, News Nation 360 : A city's growth and development are greatly influenced by its rivers, and Kolkata is no exception. The Hooghly River is what propels the city's expansion as Eastern India's commercial centre. In recent months, the significance of Kolkata's River Hooghly and the necessity of maintaining its ghats and riverbanks have grown. The River Festival started the renovation of Champatala Ghat in 2019 and has since organised several cultural events to draw people to the ghats. Kult X organised a discussion on the Bengal Paddle as part of this year's O Nodi Re: River Festival 2024, in collaboration with The Barge Company and Trisys, to bring together a variety of organisations that support riverfront revitalization on Feb 7, 2024. "O Nodi Re-River Festival '24" showcases the next phase of riverbank heritage preservation in Kolkata. In 2024, this festival is scheduled to take place on February 7, 10, and 11. Everyone is invited to contribute significantly to maintaining and enhancing the riverfront spaces' cultural and historical significance through this innovative programme. It seeks to revive Kolkata's connection to its rich heritage by encouraging a sense of community through the collective adoption of ghats along the meandering currents of the famous rivers. In an effort to unite numerous organisations that support riverfront revitalization, Kult X organised a discussion on the Bengal Paddle on February 7th as part of this year's O Nodi Re: River Festival 2024, in collaboration with The Barge Company and Trisys. Dr Saumitra Mohan, IAS, Transport Secretary; Rishika Das Roy, The Barge Company; K Mohanchandran, Senior Vice President, Operations, Taj Hotels; Shubhodip Ghosh, Bengal Chamber

of Commerce; Monica Khosla Bhargava, Architect, Kham Consultants; Laily Thompson, Organiser and Founder, Kult X; and other notable dignitaries were present for a special panel discussion that evening. The musical tale Kolkutta ki Jalkatha, dances by New Light and Ramyini, and songs by Rahul will all take place against the magical backdrop of Nather Bagan Ghat on February 10th, where Moloy Roy from Rajdanga Durga Puja will work his magic. Additionally, on February 11, Suman Maity from Tala Prottay Durga Puja and the Kolkata illumination project will light up a variety of locally focused events that will transform the Princep Ghat walkway. A unique evening at the well-used ghat was rounded out with Baul and Bhatiali songs, chhau dance, informational displays, artwork, and a surprise salsa dancing show. In her address, Laily Thompson, Founder of Kult X,  stated that to welcome people to the riverside, the ghats must be accessible, safe, and clean throughout the day. They should also offer a variety of experiences. They are aware that residents of Kolkata are hoping for significant improvements to the ghats. "Adopt a Ghat" is an initiative that anyone can participate in. Kolkatans can adopt ghats and take care of them by hosting events, inviting friends, and doing routine cleanups.

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