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V-Guard Introduced The Next-Generation Eco-Safe & Melt-Resistant Wires Arizo

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The industry leader in electronics, home appliances, and electricals in India, V-Guard, introduces Arizo Wires, a revolutionary advancement in electrical wiring technology. With its zero-halogen low-smoke attributes and cutting-edge e-beam technology, Arizo Wires ushers in a new era of electrical safety and sustainability standards while providing customers with unmatched peace of mind. Because Arizo wires are made from non-carcinogenic and lead-free raw materials and adhere to strict ROHS and REACH regulations, they do not release harmful gases from the insulation in the event of a fire. This makes them a safe option for customers as well as environmentally friendly. The Indian housing wires and cables market is booming, and there's a growing need for safer and more eco-friendly solutions. Arizo Wires addresses this by using a new technique that significantly improves the wires' capacity and durability. This makes them more resistant to heat and fire, reducing the risk of short circuits and improving overall safety for homes and businesses. Ramachandran V, Director & COO, V-Guard Industries Ltd commented at the launch that with great pleasure, they present Arizo Wires, the next generation of electrical sustainability and safety. Customers can buy with confidence from Arizo knowing that their money is going towards a product that not only puts their safety first but also helps create a cleaner, greener future. Arizo Wires complies with national and international standards, including the esteemed Conformité Européenne certification (CE), thanks to its 99.97% pure copper for superior conductivity. Arizo Wires are made with the highest level of convenience and durability in mind. Their moisture-defying armour ensures long-lasting performance regardless of the weather, and they are flexible enough for better installation. Arizo Wires are strengthened against rodents and termites as well, which extends their lifespan and resilience.

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