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Aditya Academy Honoured Outstanding Performance in CBSE Class X & XII Results

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Aditya Academy is pleased to announce that its students' exceptional performance in the CBSE Class X and XII examinations represents a critical turning point in the school's academic excellence journey. Aditya Academy is immensely proud to present the outstanding accomplishments of its talented students, as they are dedicated to fostering both academic excellence and holistic development. Aditya Academy is celebrating excellent results in both Class X and XII CBSE examinations. In Class XII, Abhirup Ghosh (Science) and Umang Patel (Commerce) from Dum Dum secured 96.8% each, while Adrija Basu (Humanities), Disha Agarwal (Commerce), and Sneha Saha (Commerce) from Barasat achieved 97%, 96%, and 95.8% respectively. In Class X, Snigdhadeb Das (98.4%), Arpan Paul (97.8%), and Rishav Raj Shukla (97.2%) from Dum Dum were impressed with their scores. These outstanding results showcase the academy's commitment to providing a strong academic environment that empowers students to excel in all subjects and streams, preparing them not just for academic success but also for various future endeavours. Aditya Academy would like to congratulate all of the students on their excellent work and thank the teachers and staff for their unwavering support and direction. These accomplishments demonstrate the institution's dedication to academic excellence and its unwavering search for ways to develop the next generation of leaders and global citizens.


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