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Administration 24 Parganas has taken Noteworthy Measures to Promote Green Ganga Sagar

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Tamaghna Kar, SDO of 24 Parganas has announced the noteworthy measures taken by the administration to promote Green Ganga Sagar at a Press Conference along with other dignitaries. He stated that they have been making great progress in raising public awareness of safety and environmental issues. He expressed his happiness that volunteers from Rakshak Foundation are working on their initiative, fervently marching with placards creating awareness through visual messages, giving eco-friendly bags to devotees, gathering used plastic, and actively participating in activities to promote Green Ganga Sagar. Chaitali Das of the non-profit Rakshak Foundation is committed to promote a greener planet, women empowerment, prison inmate reformation, and the revival of jute. Dignitaries and notable guests, such as Sri Bijay Agarwal and Subrata Majumdar of the Budge Budge Refinery, attend the inaugural ceremony. Chaitali Das said that over the years, they have been actively involved with South 24 Parganas Administration in various environmental campaigns, they are privileged to associate with Ganga Sagar Mela, the second-largest religious congregation in the world.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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