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SMFG India Credit Honoured Women in Dairy Production

News Desk, News Nation 360 : SMFG India Credit Co. Ltd. (formerly Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.), one of the top NBFCs in India, held its sixth Pashu Vikas Day (PVD), the biggest one-day cattle care camp in the nation. These camps were conducted concurrently in more than 450 locations throughout 15 states to offer 1 lakh cattle critical medical care. The company serves a customer base that spans 600 towns and more than 65,000 villages throughout Pan India, and its diverse workforce is a strategic enabler. Their goal is to create an all-encompassing ecosystem that is inclusive by using credit to finance dreams and upskilling rural Indians to create better livelihoods in the communities where they operate. In India, the dairy industry directly employs over 8 crore households, with 70% of workers being women. Women in Dairy Farming was the theme of the Sixth Pashu Vikas Day, which was held to honour these women's contributions. This initiative highlights the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in promoting social upliftment, reflecting the 'Social' aspect of the ESG framework. Speaking about the company’s social initiatives, CEO & MD of SMFG India Credit Shantanu Mitra stated that Women make up more than 90% of their rural clientele. Many of their clients use loans to purchase cattle, which is a significant source of revenue for them. Their community development initiatives serve as change agents and are centred on improving rural livelihoods, raising the standard of living generally, and creating new sources of income. In addition to actively promoting animal welfare, they also work to advance financial literacy and skill development, which enhances the overall well-being of the communities they serve. At SMFG India Credit, they're committed to building trusting relationships with their clients by supporting equitable development in marginalised areas via creative and long-lasting socio-economic projects. Pashu Vikas Day is a perfect example of the company's steadfast commitment to bringing about constructive change and supporting environmentally friendly methods in the dairy industry. With the help of the World Records Union, the company has broken the previous record for the biggest one-day cattle care camps conducted nationwide this year.

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