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The Amazing AMALGAM 2024 Food Festival was Hosted by Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Held annually, the much-awaited "AMALGAM 2024" Food Festival was held at the Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management (GNIHM), part of the JIS Group. With a focus on excellence in hospitality, hotel management, and catering technology, the event gave professionals and students a stage on which to display their abilities and inventiveness. Numerous school principals, students, hoteliers, management personnel, representatives from the education department, and officials from the Indian government's Ministry of Tourism attended AMALGAM 2024. Prominent dignitaries attended the event as well, including celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor, renowned singer Sidhu, and actor Abir Chatterjee. Renowned singer Shayne Hyrapiet's captivating performance took the event to new heights, enhancing the glamour and excitement of the evening. In addition, AMALGAM 2024 featured a wide range of artistic talent and cultural heritage from across the globe, enabling visitors to take in the vivid energy of traditional dances, taste delectable cuisines from around the world, and appreciate the beauty of diverse artistic expressions. It brought people from different backgrounds together to celebrate diversity, creativity, and unity while enjoying delicious food and entertaining entertainment. A wide variety

of delectable foods, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, decadent desserts, and unusual drinks from around the globe, were available at the festival's food stalls. The guests were taken on a voyage through the world's flavours through a gastronomic adventure that delighted their palates. Aside from the delicious food, AMALGAM 2024 included exciting guest performances, such as dancers and musicians, that raised the bar for entertainment and excitement during the celebrations. The event captivated guests with its rich cultural diversity as it honoured talent, inventiveness, and the universal language of art. On this occasion, Simarpreet Singh, Director, of JIS Group, stated that AMALGAM 2024 was a celebration of excellence, inventiveness, and cultural diversity rather than just a festival. In addition to bringing together professionals, students, and distinguished dignitaries to celebrate the joys of delicious food, fantastic entertainment, and the universal language of food as a form of art, it showcased a vibrant pool of talent in hospitality, hotel management, and catering technology.

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