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The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China Zha Liyou Bid Farewell at the 2024 Spring Festival Reception in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The People's Republic of China Consulate General in Kolkata held a grand reception for the 2024 Spring Festival on January 29th, along with a farewell reception for Consul General Zha Liyou and his wife, Madam Zheng Huiqun. Nearly 500 guests attended the reception, representing the political and business spheres, academia, think tanks, consular corps, media, Chinese community, Chinese companies, etc. After giving a five-year review of his work and life in East India, Consul General he expressed gratitude to friends from all walks of life for their unwavering support and long-term concern for the friendship between China and India. According to Consul General Zha Liyou, there is a lot of potential for friendship between China and India, and the two nations can progress together as their relationship eventually emerges from its current state of depression. Although there are still a lot of unknowns in the world in 2024, there are also opportunities for cooperation that should be anticipated. China will commemorate the People's Republic of China's 75th anniversary of founding. In honour of the 100th anniversary of the celebrated author Rabindranath Tagore's visit to China, the Consulate General will collaborate with friends in India to plan a number of celebratory events that will foster cultural exchanges and interpersonal friendships between China and India. Despite his impending retirement, he will not give up on promoting friendship between China and India. He is hoping that China and India will work together to perform the dragon and elephant dance in the coming year, and that their friendship will grow. Consul General Zha Liyou welcomed and thanked guests from all walks of life, and he sent warm wishes for the New Year to Chinese living abroad. According to him, 2023 marks the beginning of the new journey to transform China into a modern, socialist nation in every way, as well as the year in which the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be fully implemented. Like Indians, Chinese people are fearless, industrious, and always looking to better themselves. They have also produced a great deal of "China Miracles." China and India will keep up their diligent efforts in 2023 to restore and strengthen their bilateral relations and put them back on track. During the reception, a brief film about Consul General Zha Liyou's life and career was shown, capturing the interest of everyone in attendance. The Consul General Zha Liyou has done a great deal of work and made significant contributions to the advancement of China-India relations, particularly strengthening the partnership between China and East India, which is greatly appreciated by friends from all walks of life. All bid adieu to Consul General Zha Liyou and his spouse offered their heartfelt well-wishes.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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