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A Foreign Scientist was Honored by Bhasha Sangsad-Anuvad Patrika

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Anandi Bhattacharya, a renowned scientist and writer for the science magazine "Nature," who is a Canadian exile, has received recognition for her diverse contributions from the Calcutta Bhasha Sangsad Translation magazine. At an event in Kolkata, she was given the "Unique Creation" award by this institution. The prize was given out by West Bengal Child Protection Commission Advisor Sudeshna Roy, a film director, and former Supreme

Court Justice Ashok Ganguly. Anandi received a scholarship and travelled to America for further study after earning her degree from Calcutta University. Then, in Toronto, Canada, she began studying HIV. Anandi expressed her happiness at being recognised for her efforts with this award. Addiction became her career after she got home from COVID. Her well-known business, "Idnana Creations," was highlighted with discussions and appreciation of jewellery photos in the renowned magazine Sanandar Bodhan 2023 issue. Anandi's Idnana Creations is set to make its debut in the diamond jewellery industry very soon. She thinks Anandi will be motivated to produce more inventive work by this honour. In addition to Anandi, the day's unique creation honour went to renowned painter Subrata Ghosh, filmmaker Shankh Ghosh, psychiatrist Dr. Debanjan Pan, and renowned neuro sergeant Dr. Amitabh Chand.

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