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Aakash Aath Launches Three Shows - Adalat O Ekti Mei, Akashe Superstar & Teen Bhubaner Paare

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News Desk, News Nation 360: One of the popular General Entertainment Channels (GEC) Aakash Aath, has announced the launch of three new shows - the mega serial, Adalat O Ekti Mei, the musical reality show Akashe Superstar & Teen Bhubaner Paare, the new story in Sahityer Sera Somoy series. Aakash Aath is also coming up with a new Music Reality Show, Aakashe Superstar. Every week there will be 18 participants. Every day one participant will be selected to be the Superstar of the day. And on Sunday, there will be a musical mega battle amongst the six Superstars. Lastly “Aakashe Superstar” has been directed by Sangeet Tiwari. The esteemed panel of judges will include Siddhartha Sankar Ray (Sidhu), Aninda, Debojyoti Mishra & Sutapa Bhattacharya and others. The show will be compered by Sujoyneel. Aakash E Superstar will be telecasted from Monday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 3 pm. Teen Bhuboner Pare in Sahityer Sera Samay is being directed by Suman Ray. The series features Parantik Banerjee as Montu and Deepsheta Mitra as Swarashi in the lead. Montu tries hard to impress Swarashi but she dislikes his unstable lifestyle and rejects him. Montu is someone who has barely done his schooling and enjoys his life with the bare minimum. Swarashi being an erudite person tries to change his life. The other cast members include Pradeep Maulik, Chandak   Mukherjee,  Purba  Banerjee,   Jayetari  Banerjee,   Madhumita

Banerjee, Tirtha Mullick, & Tanishtha Biswas. Teen Bhuboner Pare” will be telecasted at 7.30 pm from Monday to Saturday. The new mega serial, Adalat O Ekti Meye, tells the story of Durga Soren, the first tribal woman to become an advocate. The aim is to bring forward the story of how Durga fights for the justice of the marginalized individuals of the society, against the odds of functioning of various social orders. Her two pillars in this journey are Munna Bhai a rising local don on one hand and a group of orphan children. The story will highlight how a person can always raise their voice against oppression. “Adalat o Ekti Mei” has been directed by Sajal Bose. The role of the protagonist Durga is being played by Konkona Halder, along with her the cast also includes Sagnik, Krishna Kishore and Avijit Guha. Adalat O Ekti Mei will be telecasted at 8.00 pm from Monday - Saturday. Priyanka Surana Bardia, Director, Aakash Aath stated that they are consistently striving to provide their audience with the highest level of entertainment, and their unwavering support serves as a constant source of motivation for them to come up with exceptional creations. They are launching three exciting new shows, Adalat O Ekti Mei, Akashe Superstar & the cult story of Shri Samaresh Basu, Teen Bhubaner Pare being adapted into the Sahityer Sera Somoy series. They are optimistic that the audience will enjoy these new television programs. 

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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