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Poila Boishak Celebrations Are a Great Way to Start the Bengali New Year


News Desk, News Nation 360:  Bengali New Year's Day, or Poila Boishakh, is observed on April 14th every year. For Bengalis everywhere in the world, it is a significant cultural occasion, and the celebrations often involve traditional music, dance, food, and other cultural pursuits. Poila Boishakh celebrations foster regional harmony and cultural variety and are a significant component of Bengali culture. The day is marked by various rituals and customs, such as wearing new clothes, exchanging sweets, and visiting friends and family. On the occasion of the Bengali New Year (Poila Boishak), Raunaq Publication and Candid Communication organised a collaborative event called "Borsho Boroner Adda—Rashanar Ekal Shekal" at Serenity Café de'Bistro in Ballygaunge. Ranjan Bandhopadhya, fiction writer; Debashis Kumar, Member of West Bengal's Legislative Assembly; Indrajit Lahiri, content creator at Foodka; Sarmistha De, Master Chef Judge; and Alokananda Roy, dancer and social reformer were among the famous personalities who were present at the event. The event was also attended by Rupa Majumdar, Director of Raunaq Publication, and Paromita Ghosh, Director of Candid Communication. Rupa Majumdar, director of Raunaq Publication stated that Poila Boishakh is not just a celebration of the Bengali New Year, it is a celebration of the cultural identity and the spirit of togetherness that binds everybody as a community. According to Paromita Ghosh director of Candid Communication, let the Bengali New Year bring new hopes, new dreams, and new aspirations in their lives, and may they find the strength and courage to pursue them with passion and determination.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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