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Narayana Super Specialty Hospital Howrah have organized the meeting along with the other doctors and cancer survivors

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News Desk, News Nation 360: According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2018, 1.16 million people have been recognized newly as cancer patients in India and 7 lakh Eighty Four Thousand Eight hundred persons died among them. Age is one of the risk factors for cancer. 6 per cent of the above sixty-five have been attacked by cancer in our country.  The specialists fear that this rate will be increased to 15.9 per cent in 2050. The risk of Prostate Cancer, Breast cancer, lung cancer, and bowel cancer is more for the senior citizen. The risk of cancer is 11 times more for those above 65 than for young persons. But the disease has been diagnosed and treatment starts quickly if the primary symptoms are known. In that case, one may survive and spend a quality life resisting cancer. In this background, the cancer specialists of Narayana Super Specialty Hospital Howrah have organized this press conference for mass awareness. Dr

Chandrakanth MV, HOD of the Cancer Department of the Hospital, Dr Vivek Agarwala Medical Director, Dr Neha Choudhury,  Breast Surgeon & surgical oncologist and renowned oncologists of the country have been graced the meeting along with the other doctors and cancer survivors. Most of us know that one may survive Cancer if it is detected and treated at the primary stage. Still, it is a fact that in the beginning, the symptoms of the various cancers are so common that people cannot trust to these as this dreadful disease. In this respect, Dr Chandrkant has explained the primary symptoms. If some apparently have general sufferings like a change of voice or dry cough (PS of lung cancer) or painless lump of the breast (the beginning of breast cancer) persist for more than one and half months and cannot be cured by conservative treatments, then one should take the advice of a cancer specialist. Dr Neha Choudhury has called the new cancer patients to be steady and fearless. They should trust the newly invented therapy and medicines.  It is true that the survival rate increases day by day due to these new treatments. Dr Vivek Agarwal has explained that we should be aware of these. The number of cancer patients increases daily throughout the world due to changes in lifestyle & food habits, an increase in average life span, the use of junk food, and many other reasons. If people quit some bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco and start some good ones like a balanced diet, breastfeeding etc, then cancer may be resisted to some extent. In this event, the present survivors describe their experiences to encourage cancer patients.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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