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Enjoy Rich & Diverse Ilish Delicacies with Ilish Truly Bong Restaurant

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : An Ilish festival during monsoon is a vibrant celebration that brings together communities in Bangladesh and West Bengal, showcasing the versatility and cultural significance of this exquisite fish. Bringing this gastronomic adventure to the foodies of Kolkata, Ilish Truly Bong Restaurant is all set with its iconic 5th Edition of Ilish Utsav for the whole month of July. The menu will feature both traditional and new dishes in ala carte and Ilish thalis. Choose from delicacies like Roshun Bhapa Ilish, Ilisher Lyajaar Tok, Ilish Do-Pyaaza, Ilish Sizzler, Ilisher Bharta, Ilisher Fish Finger, or pick from a thali of your choice, like the Ilish-e – Mohabhoj (1799+GST), Bhojon-e - Ilish(1299+GST), or Dawat-e – Ilish (999 + GST). Lopamudra Kamilya, Founder & Director of Ilish Truly Bong Restaurant said that the fifth Edition of the Ilish Utsav at Ilish Truly Bong Restaurant is a celebration of rich history, heritage and culture, where every dish they promise to woo with its delectable flavours and transport to the era which carries so many untold stories from the kitchens of Bengal. The menu features Ilish in different avatars so that every bit of the fish is utilized, be it the head, tail or the fish in its entirety, and they respect and use it judiciously. The operational timing of Ilish Truly Bong Restaurant is from 12 noon to 10:30 pm and the cost for two of Ilish Utsav is Rupees 1800 plus GST at 83 B, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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