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RN Tagore Hospital Performed Ground Breaking Bypass Surgery on a 59-year-old Patient

R-L Mr. Abhijit Cp, Dr. Azhar Sayyed, Dr. Lalit Kapoor, Dr. Dhiraj Barman.jpg

News Desk, News Nation 360: A pioneer in cutting-edge medical technologies in Eastern India, RN Tagore Hospital achieves a significant milestone with the successful completion of its first-ever robot-assisted Bypass Surgery (CABG). The ground-breaking surgery, led by Senior Consultant Dr Lalit Kapoor and his team of expert cardiac surgeons, using 3D high-definition imaging & robotic arms, offered the surgeons greater vision, precision, accuracy & control. The landmark case involved a 59-year-old patient who arrived at the hospital's emergency with complaints of severe chest pain. He described a heavy, compressive sensation on his left chest, accompanied by sweating. Having been under medication for diabetes and hypertension for the past seven years, the patient's angiogram confirmed triple vessel disease (multiple blockages in the heart’s blood vessels), prompting the experienced medical team to recommend robot-assisted Bypass Surgery as the ideal treatment option. Under the expert guidance of Dr Lalit Kapoor, the surgical team embarked on the ground-breaking Robot-assisted CABG procedure. This new-age technique combines the precision and three-dimensional imaging of the surgical robot with the surgical expertise of the medical team, resulting in unparalleled accuracy and improved patient outcomes. Dr Lalit Kapoor, Senior Consultant - Cardiac Surgery at RN Tagore Hospital stated that in Robot-assisted Bypass Surgery, the surgeon wields precise control over the robot's instruments, enabling incredibly small motions in delicate areas of the chest. The enhanced 3D imaging provided by the robotic technology allows them to navigate with astonishing accuracy and perform complex procedures with ease. Unlike a traditional open heart surgery which involves an 8 to 10-inch long incision across the chest, robot-assisted heart surgery is carried out through tiny incisions offering benefits like reduced blood loss, quicker recovery, fewer complications & shorter hospital stay. According to Abhijit CP, Facility Director at RN Tagore Hospital, they continue to embrace cutting-edge technologies and advance their cardiac care capabilities. With the adoption of new technologies including robot-assisted cardiac surgery, RN Tagore Hospital further solidifies its position as a leading healthcare institution in the region. Their medical expertise combined with advanced technology benefits patients with better clinical outcomes. 

Pic & Report : Anustup Kundu

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