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JIS Group launched its state-of-the-art JIS Drone Academy, Offering Exciting Courses in Drone Technology

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News Desk, News Nation 360: JIS Group announced the official launch of its state-of-the-art JIS Drone Academy with a vision of “ Education to Empowerment in collaboration with industrial leaders in the UAV tech domain, EduRade and Megh Robotics at the Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology Campus in Dum Dum. The academy aims to introduce a range of short-term courses designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of Drone Technology for aspiring drone enthusiasts. Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director of JIS Group was present at the event. The JIS Drone Academy is poised to become the go-to destination for aspirants looking to explore the world of drones, offering courses that cater to different interests and career aspirations. The courses to be offered at the institute are a Short-Term Course in Aerial Photography (Beginner), a Short-Term Course in Agricultural Application, a Short-Term

Course in Security and Emergency Response, a Diploma in Drone Technician, and a Diploma in Drone Survey and Mapping. The JIS Drone Academy is committed to providing the necessary knowledge and skills to empower individuals in the field of drone technology. With the potential for drones to revolutionize various industries, these courses aim to prepare students for exciting career opportunities and professional growth. This centre aims to serve as a hub for the development, testing, training, and exploration of unmanned aerial vehicles, revolutionizing industries, generating employment, and entrepreneurship, along opening new possibilities.  Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director of JIS Group stated that they at JIS Group have set their goal to unlock the skies of opportunity with JIS Drone Academy, where they intend to soar beyond boundaries to empower aspiring drone enthusiasts. They invite young minds to join them as they take flight into the future of technology and innovation.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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