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Mudra Cultural Troupe will celebrate 32 Years of Establishment


News Desk, News Nation 360 : MUDRA - a cultural troupe of Kolkata, registered under Society Act: S0029004 of 2022-2023 has completed 32 years of inculcating values, the notion of life, and creative freedom into people. They as a team always stood up for noble causes. Their productions, namely, Ekla Cholo Re, Draupadi, and Yoddha come up with the basic status of women in society. They as a cultural troupe tried to bring out their sufferings and to raise awareness about domestic abuses and


violence that these women faced. They have tried to provide them with food, shelter, and employment. A victim of an acid attack has a difficult past and an uncertain future with society shunning them, which unconsciously blocks their doors of revival. They aimed to create a movement that would help change this perception and redeem their lost recognition in the most glamorous and welcoming way. Being a bonafide member of society, Mudra had always tried to stand beside the needy people. They had been a part of the disaster management program during Amphan and provided food and clothing to more than 100 people. Mudra though being only a cultural troupe tries to bring up productions for a cause for society. They have always brought in front the real warriors of society. BHARATAM- Celebrating 75 years of Indian  Independence, a production that aims to pay tribute and remember the great deeds, contributions, and sacrifices of the greatest leaders and warriors of Indian Independence such as Netaji, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sahid Khudiram, etc. and  ALAAP to bring to light the unheard & untold stories of the acid attack survivors and restore their equal footing in the society like never before. 

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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