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Hamdard Laboratories Introduced Hamdard Bonanza Gala Event 2023

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To promote Unani medicine, 7 years back Hamdard Laboratories introduced Hamdard Bonanza a unique Customer Loyalty Program for Unani & Ayurveda practitioners, retailers, and channel partners. Now, Hamdard Bonanza has become synonymous with a unique Loyalty Management Scheme in the AYUSH industry. Hamdard Bonanza has provided an opportunity for Unani practitioners, especially the younger brigade to do large-scale patient trials and gain clinical experience leading to enhanced confidence in Unani & Ayurveda medicines. For dispensers and retailers, the Bonanza program has made Unani profitable and created awareness among the masses about its benefits. Hamdard Bonanza has been a great enabler to expand the width and depth of distribution across the Nation and provide affordable Unani medicine to the larger population. Total of 911 eligible participants qualified to participate in the lucky draw from 6 regions: North, UP-West, UP-East, East, South, and West. In the past 7 years, it has benefitted more than 8300 Unani & Ayurvedic practitioners, dispensers, and retailers across the country and helped generate awareness about the usefulness of Hamdard Medicines in the prevention and management of COVID-19, Lifestyle Related Disorders including diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Total of 194 winners were selected through a lucky draw at an annual event, hosted by Hamdard (Medicine Division), under the leadership of our Chairman & Managing Trustee, Abdul Majeed. The prizes are invariably attractive the grand prize this year was EV Car followed by 6 electric Scooties, 12 Laptops, Tablets with S-pen, inverters with batteries, smartphones, water purifiers, fitness bands and so on. Under a special category there were 2 Tablets with an S-pen were given to Unani & Ayurveda practitioners, who had come back to the fold of AYUSH after practising modern/ allopathic medicines. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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