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Mani Baishakhi Blast, A Huge Mani Group Carnival with Array of Entertainment and Excitement Unleashed


News Desk, News Nation 360 : This huge Mani Group carnival with its array of entertainment and excitement unleashes at Mani Square Mall. Edition 15 of this popular event has been thoughtfully planned as a grand treat from 7-9 April. Brace for an extraordinary episode of ultimate fun at the Mani Baisakhi Blast.  Mani Square will unfold multiple discounts and offers during this great carnival and unlock the magic door as one traverses through the fancy lanes to choose the best for the families. The Mani Baisakhi Blast carries the legacy of the true festival spirit with curated events that merge into a grand celebration orchestrated solely for 360° entertainment. The true excitement of the festival is seeping in. Outdoor events will begin in full swing 4-9 pm. Renowned and exceptionally talented performers, The Goshai Gang, Chandrabindoo & Delete will take the breath away with their spectacular performances at Mani Square. The MAGIC OF 71 will leave one awestruck, longing for more and more. Sorcery will lure anyone to the Food Court to savour gourmet food and scrumptious traditional dishes at the nominal price of Rs 71 only. Bursts of laughter will echo


around the whole square as the emcee will engage anyone in endless games and hilarious sessions with exhibitions. The 7th-16th of April is the time people will rejoice in the incredible vibes of the Mani Baisakhi Blast. Come in for a first-hand experience of ultimate fun at the Mani Baisakhi Blast.


Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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