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CINI Rally from Kolkata to Kultali with the children on Climate Change

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News Desk, News Nation 360: Climate change poses a great threat to the well-being of future generations. Children are key stakeholders in their future. A team of public health scientists from Johns Hopkins University and the Child In Need Institute (CINI) NGO are organizing a unique campaign, a thought and art workshop on the 12th and 13th of January 2023 at the onset of National Youth Day, to highlight children’s perceptions of climate change impacts and solutions. On the occasion of National Youth Day, Child In Need Institute (CINI) NGO organized a unique rally from Kolkata to Kultali with the children under the theme ‘What Children Want’ to create awareness about Climate Change. Children in Green vehicles decorated with plants, grass thatched roofs, posters, banners, and educative display materials communicating the issue of interest left for Kultali from Kolkata to raise awareness about climate change. The rally was equipped with Informative Educative Communication materials in form of posters, danglers and handouts arranged and organised by CINI to facilitate the interactive sessions and incite analytical repertoire on the subject of climate change and its effects on day-to-day life. Upon reaching Kultali the young brigade met the local congregation of 20 young children and teenagers resident in the Sundarbans area, who are active members of the local district child parliaments, and was invited to express their perceptions about climate change through art around two themes, “Mother Earth is sick. The primary target shall be to bring about two thousand children into the periphery of the interactive sessions and activities. This would be achieved as each child involved interacts with his / her peer group to get at least five of the friends interested which again through a repeat process builds up a network of interested young minds in the arena of Environmental awareness. The above has also the potential to act as a bridge between the geo-ethnic-economic and social divide, based on a common and global platform of environmental change and its effects thereof. Child In Need Institute shall escalate these awareness programs and suggested issues and/ or demands further through Local, State level and National level Government agencies to establish representation on a Global platform and to ensure participation in the movement for a paradigm shift in consciousness towards a greener and safer Earth.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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