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CMRI heads the global trial- an affordable antibiotic for COVID-19 treatment


News Desk, News Nation 360:  CK Birla Hospitals -CMRI, announced the success of the global doxycycline study trial led by Dr Raja Dhar, Director & HOD, Department of Pulmonology, CK Birla Hospitals along with international scientists and physicians. For the last three years, Covid-19 has caused devastation all over the world. Not only has human health been negatively impacted, but also death and morbidity have reached their peak. On the other end, health economics and global health infrastructure have been penalized as well. Doxycycline is an inexpensive antibiotic that has been used for many years for several indications and has an excellent safety profile. The antibiotic has anti-inflammatory properties which help in tissue protection and antioxidative action. A trial was conducted to test the hypothesis that doxycycline works to stop the progression of Covid-19 infections to prevent ICU admissions in hospitalised patients. This study was conducted by six hospitals starting from the end of 2020 and continued till June 2021. Most of the patients were recruited between April 2021-

June 2021 when there was the greatest deluge of severe cases. Dr Raja Dhar, heading the Pulmonology department at the CMRI Hospitals in Kolkata, was the Principle Investigator and oversaw the entire study process. There were 387 participants who participated in the study. 77 developed critical diseases needing ICU admission. The arm in which doxycycline was given had an absolute and relative risk reduction compared to the arm in which did not have doxycycline. The reduction was significant by statistical analysis. Doxycycline was also well tolerated and not a single patient required stoppage of treatment due to adverse events. The conclusion was that in hospitalized COVID-19 patients, doxycycline was a safe and inexpensive treatment widely available throughout the globe and it reduced ICU admissions when added to the standard of care. Dr Dhar stated that the trial was carried out in the midst of the deadly second Covid- 19 wave in India and circumstances could not have been more challenging. This has been an excellent pragmatic and very friendly collaboration by experts across multiple continents and they are greatly encouraged by the findings of this well-known and widely available antibiotic.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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