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CMRI celebrates the milestone of 500 successful Robotic Joint Replacement surgeries 


News Desk, News Nation 360: Recently, The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), celebrated the successful milestone of the completion of 500 successful Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeries through a patient engagement event in the city. Advocating the role of technology in bone health to ensure freedom from pain for patients, the team of doctors led by Dr. Rakesh Rajput, Director & HOD,  Department of Orthopaedics highlighted how the technologically advanced robotic Joint Replacement surgery has enabled them to give a new life to numerous patients within a year and a half. The event was graced by patients who have successfully undergone robotic joint replacement surgeries at CMRI and are now living a life without limitations. The cultural programme opened with a dance performance by a patient, followed by a ramp walk by various patients who depicted how this surgery has changed their life and enabled them to do something that there were restricted by before. The event moved forward with sharing of experiences that how these patients are no more

dependent and developed a sense of empowerment to do their activities like travelling in trains and doing outdoor activity, including trekking. Post-surgery they all are pursuing their passion. The event concluded with an exciting & inspiring story of a patient who enjoys trekking.  Dr Rakesh Rajput, Director & HOD, Department of Orthopaedics, CMRI stated that the team at CMRI was the first to introduce this surgery in Eastern  India with the latest cutting-edge technology and empowered over 500 patients within a short span of 18 months to gain freedom from pain. Robot-assisted surgeries ensure quality diagnoses while minimising risk, making care delivery more efficient to improve the quality of life among patients,  enabling them to take on challenges without fear or inhibitions. At CMRI, they are currently offering both Robotic Total Knee Replacement and Robotic Partial Knee Replacement surgery. They are also conducting patients who require Hip Replacement with Robot. According to Sombrata Roy, Unit Head-CMRI, CK Birla Hospitals, the milestone of the successful completion of robot-assisted hip and knee replacement surgeries is in alignment with the futuristic outlook that they are focussing on providing continuous, quality and advanced healthcare. CMRI was the first hospital to bring this technology to patients in the eastern part of the country, immediately after it was launched in the  Western World and in India.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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