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Paila Baisakher Bhuri Bhoj  at the Princeton Club


News Desk, News Nation 360:  Princeton Club, the premium social club in Kolkata is all set to celebrate the ensuring auspicious occasion of the Bengali New Year. Make this POILA BAISHAKH truly special, with the choicest delicacies of Bengal at the Princeton Club. The club offers its guests and valued members an unforgettable feasting on this festive occasion with an unmatched standard of culinary perfection, coupled with charming ambience Princeton Club is the natural choice for connoisseurs of Bengali cuisine. The gastronomic journey would begin with Gondhoraj Dahi Ghol (Sarbat) a quintessential Dahi-based drink that quenches the thirst of Bengalis and cool them during this scorching April. The fare would pacify the souls of  Bengalis with an array of drool-worthy specialities like “Jamindari Sukto, Chanar pur with Potol” with “Gobinda Bhoh Chaler Pulao”. Vegetarians would savour their share of “karaishutir kachuri”  with “Narkel  diye cholar dal” and  “Niramish dhoka paneer dalna”. Gourmets with a preference for non-vegetarian delicacies would enjoy “Chicken Duk Bungalow,"  Mutton Curry”. "Ilish sorshe, bhaja ilish ( Hilsa)". No Bengali fare is complete with dessert. Special features : “GONDHORAJ DOI GHOL IN KHULHAD “ “GREEN SALAD WITH GONDHORAJ LEBU”, “KADI PATTA DIVE JHURI ALDO BHAJA " “AAM ADA VEG CHOP WITH AAM KASUNDI”,  “JHAL ALU DUM” , “JAMINDARI SUKTO”,  “NIRAMISH DHOKA PANEER  DALNA", " CHOLAR DAL WITH NARKEL”, “ CHANAR PUR BHORA POTOL DALNA”, “KARAISUTIR KACHURI”, PANEER DALNA, DHOKA PANEER DALNA, "CHOLAR DAL", “PULAO", “ CHICKEN DAK BUNGALOW “, “MUTTON CURRY “,  “BHAJA ILISH”, “SORSE ILISH:,  “PABDA BORI DIE JHAL”, BEGUN WITH ILISH CURRY," “ CHINGRI MALAI CURRY “.“ FRUIT CHUTNEY”, “ PAPAD”, “AAM DOI RAJ BHOG” and many more. Sanjay Karmakar, Operations Manager, Princeton Club stated that Bengali New Year is more special as Bengalis are passionate about their traditional cuisine. They spare no labour in the kitchen to ensure the dishes are relished by one and all. So here they are, ready with almost every dish that a Bengali loves. The food festival has been specially curated by their chef Abhijit Chakraborty to provide their guests with the authentic flavour of Bengali kitchen. They are certain that their guests will really enjoy the spread. The feast is open For Both Lunch And Dinner this year on April 15th – the Bengali New Year will bring alive the culture and flavour of Bengal with a wide array of special Bengali menus available. The buffet is priced at Rs 1049 for adults and Rs 749 for children. 

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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