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Scholar Lab Foundation's idea is to market and develops cutting-edge technology products


News Desk, News Nation 360: Demand for good products not only in West Bengal but across India is growing. But according to that, the advanced products in the current market are very insignificant. Scholar Lab Foundation aims to market that advanced technology product. The Scholar Lab Foundation was launched through a seminar and a press conference in Kolkata. Their statement is that there is no shortage of talent in the country, but they are going to meet the current demand that advanced technology is not available.  Teachers and students from many educational institutions including various engineering institutes, IITs will apply to prepare things with new and modern technology. In that case, Scholar Lab will bear the full cost of preparing things, along with the various processes of marketing. But in that case, the project

idea that submits will need a green signal from the 24-member panel of Scholar Lab officials, and only then will it go straight into production, who conceived and developed this product. The press conference was attended by Managing Director Anjan Ghosh, and Sponsor, Director Projects NTPC Ujjal Kanti Bhattacharya and others. according to Anjan Ghosh, there is no shortage of talent in the education world and students but despite having so much talent, they are not getting modern technology products. Scholar Lab Foundation aims to market products with that modern technology. One of our goals is to provide new products of modern technology to future generations. Ujjal Kanti Bhattacharya stated that he is happy that Scholar Lab has taken such a step. As a result of their efforts, not only society will benefit but also future generations.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu

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