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This Summer Stay Healthy & Fit

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : During the Summer season it is important to take care of the overall health. The scorching heat makes the body go through several complications which unknowingly damage the internal organs, skin and eyes. To prevent serious medical complications, one must focus on adopting certain precautionary measures that will help one to stay fit and healthy.  So, following an appropriate diet schedule to nourish and protect the skin and eyes during this period is important. Dr Payel Kumar Roy, Chief Dietician & Critical Care Nutritionist, Techno India DAMA Hospital & Healthcare Medical Centre throws light on a few but very crucial suggestions for a Summer Special Healthy Diet Chart. One needs to consume light and easy foods as their daily diet. Such foods and drinks protect against dehydration and help in maintaining optimal levels of energy. Eat a lot of fresh fruits, salads and lightly spiced foods as the fruits and veggies are easy to digest. They bear high water content and help in hydration and void fried and junk foods as they take time to digest and require a lot of water. Spicy foods can also increase body heat. Noted Dietician, Swati Samaddar opined that the citizens of tropical countries should keep their bodies hydrated to keep their overall health as well as their skin healthy and sound. For this reason, people should drink lots of fluids, especially in the summertime, People should eat lots of seasonal vegetables like Papaya,  bottle gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, cucumber, Pudina leaves etc and seasonal fruits such as mango jackfruit, litchi, watermelon, grapes, tender coconut, lime etc as these contain large quantities of water. Mango contains lots of vitamin A and antioxidants which help to keep skin and eyes healthy, if an infant or an elderly person could not take whole vegetables due to some problems, they can take them as juices. People can increase fluid content as well as protein and calories by having Sattu Sharbat, Curd is a natural probiotic and it is used to make raita and lassi. Now in Kolkata, it is not only hot but less humid as compared to the previous years. The rate of humidity is merely 50%. As a result, there's a huge impact on the skin tone. Gradually, people here are facing the trouble of Dry Skin. One must make use of a good moisturizer till the Summer season prevails. Even though an individual has skin which is normal or even oily then regularly, once a day apply Non Comedogenic Moisturizer. Apart from this, people need to clean their faces twice even when people are at work. It is advised to make use of Soft Cleansers for people who have Dry Skin. It is necessary to consume 2-4 litres of water every day. Take a shower twice if someone is exposed to outdoor activities for a prolonged period. According to Dr. Koushik Lahiri, Hony. Medical Director WIZDERM and Director, International Society of Dermatology skin is affected during summer majorly for three basic reasons: Heat, humidity and Ultraviolet rays. Moreover, various kinds of infections - bacterial, viral and fungal can take place during this time. Infections like Folliculitis, Pyoderma and Fungal Infections of different kinds can occur during this time. Beat the heat by taking a shower at least twice daily. Wear light cotton garments. Drink 4-5 litres of water a day, Infections should be treated by a dermatologist. Do not self-medicate with any steroid-containing cream purchased from the chemist's shop. This can be disastrous. Proper oral and topical antifungal treatment is necessary, A good physical sunscreen with at least 15-30 spf is necessary. The heated summers are here and so are the common problems relating to the eye. Added to this is the Corona menace. During the summer season, most of people are affected by dehydration, heat stroke and skin darkening. Common eye problems that one faces when the temperatures rise are allergies, conjunctivitis and style. Protection and proper eye hygiene can help one keep away from summer eye problems. Dr. Debanjan Sen, Consultant Ophthalmologist - Cataract, Medical Retina & ROP of Disha Eye Hospitals - Kolkata shares his valuable suggestion regarding the common eye problems which an individual goes through in Summer and the remedies related to this. Swollen eyes, Red eyes, and Puffy eyes, and more so in the morning are the symptoms of Eye allergy, to prevent this the simplest home remedy is to rinse eyes repeatedly with cold water, and then wipe them gently with soft tissue. Other issues like Conjunctivitis, Stye may occur but those are curable too. Dr P B Sarkar, Salt Lake Eye Foundation opines that one needs to Use Sunglasses with Complete Ultraviolet Protection,  Keep The Eyes Moisturized, Keep Sunscreen Out of the Eyes Drink plenty of water and take healthy foods.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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